Frequently Asked Question

1) What is the requirement to board the cruise?
Basically, you need a passport which must have at least 6 months of validity to travel and as for foreigner passport holders, you need to bring along your PR IC/ re-entry permit/Employment pass/S-pass/Visit pass/Work permit or Student pass (pass must have at least 14 days of validity)
2) Are tourist allow to board our cruise? 
Yes, but they must not exceed staying in Singapore for more than 14 days and they must have a valid at least 14 days of multiple journey visa and a return confirmed air ticket back to their country.
3) My friend has been staying in Singapore for more than 25 days and he just got an extension of staying in Singapore, is he allow to board your cruise?
No, anyone tourist who has been staying Singapore for more than 14 days is not allow to board our cruise even though extension of Singapore is approve.
4) My travel documents, visa and return air tickets are all in my email. Can I just show it to ticketing staff to purchase my ticket?
No, you have to print out all these relevant documents before you can purchase or collection of your ticket.
5) I am renewing my working permit and is approved but waiting for collection, can I board the cruise without the new permit?
No, you can only board with the valid of work permit.
6) My working permit is cancelled, but I was given a letter to stay in Singapore till a period of days, can I board the cruise?
No, once your permit is cancelled, you are not allowed to board our cruise.
7) My wife is 3 months pregnant, is she allow to board your cruise? 
No, due to safety concern, pregnant lady is not allowed to board our cruise, regardless how many months.
8) Do you all accept wheelchair bound passenger?
No, for safety concern, we don’t embark wheelchair bound and who is not mobile and require the assistance of a companion due to physical disability.
9) Any attire requirement?
Casual attire will do.
10) Where can I board the cruise?
50 Tanah Merah Ferry, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, #01-11. Singapore 498833.
11) I’m driving, is there any carpark at ferry terminal? What is the charges?
Yes, there’s a carpark at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal and the charges is S$1.50 per hour excluding GST.
12) Any limitation for carrying luggage in terms of weight and numbers?
The maximum luggage weight for a passenger is 20kg, any additional weight is payable.
13) How do I make a reservation?
You may make a reservation through our online booking system, or phone booking/SMS/what’s app/WeChat/Viber/Telegram/Line to +65 8288 9153.
14) How many days in advance must I place a reservation to the cruise?
You can book your tickets online, or via SMS or Apps to 8288 9153 one day before the date of departure and three days for Eve of Public Holiday and Public Holiday.
Advance booking can only be make 1 month before date of departure. Any advance booking dates which is more than 1 months shall not be accepted and confirmed as subject due to changes of price and timing.
15) Will I receive any confirmation after my reservation?
Yes, we shall give you a call or SMS to confirm once we received your booking
16) How do I make payment?
Payment will be collected upon collection of boarding passes except Public Holiday.
17) Is there any money changer?
Yes, we do have money exchange service but according to rates on board.
18) Do they accept credit cards on board?
Yes, only Visa and MasterCard and there is a 5% surcharge.
19) How many days can I stay onboard?
You may stay for 1 night till next day and by 1445hrs ferry have to disembark otherwise there will be an extension charge of S$20 impose on each person.
But for working permit and visit pass holders, maximum staying onboard is only 3 days. 
20) Is there any embarkation from Harbour Front Centre?
Yes, once a month. First week of Wednesday. Please visit out notice page for the latest update of our cruise calling in Harbour Front Centre.
21) How much is the ticket to Aegean Paradise?
It is at S$53 each and this includes two ways ferry transfer and meals in buffet style.
22) I’m 60 years old, is there any concession rate?
Yes, concession rate is only available on weekdays, S$33, for senior citizen above 55 years old excluding eve of public holiday and public holiday.
23) My child is an infant, does he need to pay?
Yes, all child need to pay S$53 for the cruise.
24) My baby is 6 months old, am I allow to bring the baby stroller onboard?
No, baby stroller is not allowed onboard.
25) Any promotion rates?
Yes, S$33 each at only last ferry, 2030hrs, excluding Fri, Sat and eve of public holiday, departure from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal only.
26) What time should I reach Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal if I were to take 1000hrs ferry?
It is advisable to place an early reservation, then you can reach Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal half an hour earlier before ferry departs to collect your boarding pass.
27) Is there any discount for more than 10 people?
No, there’s no discounted rates for more than 10 people.
28) Is there any booking charge?
Yes, there’s S$1 for each person for every successful booking.
29) Can I change or cancel my booking once confirmed?
Yes, but there will be a charge of S$5 each for every change of ferry timing or S$10 each for cancellation.
30) How long is the journey?
Journey is estimate about one hour and fifteen minutes, including ferry transfer at Nongsapura, Batam. 
31) Are we allow to go into Nongsapura, Batam, for shopping?
No, passenger going to our cruise is not allowed to go into Batam for any shopping or sightseeing.
32) Where does the ship sail to?
Our ship is stationary in high sea only.
33) Any vegetarian or Hala food served onboard?
No, we don’t served vegetarian and Hala food.
34) What are the buffet times?
Breakfast – 0530 to 0930,
Lunch – 1100 to 1430,
Dinner – 1700 to 2100,
Supper – 2200 to 0130.
35) Any cabin available and what are the charges?
Yes, cabin is available and reservation has to make before embarked. Charges is at;
Weekdays (excluding Fri, Sat and Eve of Public Holiday):
Inner cabin S$40,
Porthole cabin S$50,
Balcony cabin S$80.
Inner cabin S$80,
Porthole cabin S$100,
Balcony cabin S$120.
36) How many people can the cabin accommodate?
Each cabin can accommodate up to 2 people.
37) Can I request connecting rooms?
Sorry, we do not have connecting rooms onboard.
38) What other facilities available in the cruise?
We have swimming pool, gym, karaoke, massage, hair salon, gift shop, internet & arcade room, lounge, disco, basketball court, restaurant and recreation room.
39) Is there any Birthday promotion going on?
No, currently we do not have any such promotions.




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